The Missing Piece for Immediate Detection of Emergency Events

AliveLock® is the first and only comprehensive inmate and patient monitoring system engineered from the ground up by correctional professionals with years of hands on, direct experience.

With suicide rates in correctional facilities and arrestee incidents under law enforcement custody on the rise, now more than ever you need AliveLock®.

AliveLock® provides continuous monitoring for at-risk populations. The patent pending system, using RiskWatch® technology, reduces the risk of self injury or undetected medical emergencies in jails, prisons, and law enforcement agencies at the federal, state, county, private and local levels.

AliveLock® is specifically designed to alert staff of an inmate’s vital sign changes associated with restraint and seclusion events, as well as, medical emergencies. The durable, easy to use system will integrate seamlessly with your existing safety strategies.

Why You Need AliveLock®:

  • AliveLock® provides continuous supervision with less man power.
  • Changes to inmate & patient vital signs are alerted immediately.
  • Medical emergencies do not go undetected which saves lives every year.
  • AliveLock® will save your facility thousands of dollars in employee wages and potential court disputes.

Adult and Juvenile Corrections


Inmate Detox/Withdrawl

Mental Health and Medical Professionals