About Us

AliveLock has been an industry leader in inmate and client monitoring products since 2007.

AliveLock Founding Partner


“Melanie and I knew of the mental health issues in our society and how these individuals were being brought to jail due to cuts in local mental health facilities. They were staying for longer periods of time and inmates in general were becoming more medically fragile. The incidents of suicide attempts and completions created so many issues for victims, families, correctional staff and the community in general. We knew AliveLock would help end this problem.”

AliveLock Founding Partner Connie Ballew handles the day-to-day management of the company from conferences and product demos to networking with other businesses. Connie is a graduate of the University of Nebraska Lincoln where she studied Criminal Justice. She started working for Lancaster County Corrections right after college and spent 24 years of her career there holding positions as an officer, sergeant, records clerk, lieutenant, work release coordinator and mental health worker. She’s married to her best friend and mom to 3 wonderful kids.

AliveLock Founding Partner


“The idea of being able to monitor inmates’ safety in real time was my dream and invention. With the help of many engineers and my good friend Connie, we designed a technology that not only helped staff but improved the way corrections does medical and suicide observation and in a way that improved the dignity of the inmate.”

Melanie Bailey is a Nebraska native, attended Nebraska Wesleyan University and is mom to 3 amazing children. Her entire career has been dedicated to Law & Corrections. She’s served as a Corrections Officer, Training and Employment Sergeant and Correctional Mental Health & Classification Specialist with Lancaster County Corrections. In 2003 she started MB Solutions providing consulting services, employee training seminars and conference planning for Criminal Justice events. Melanie is a Founding Partner of AliveLock and handles the sales force management of the business